Jolt is a Web/iOS-compatible education app designed to foster collaborative-learning for primary school STEAM courses. On the Jolt platform, instructors are the administrators of a network of digital workspaces for students.

The app enables teachers to group students, assign coursework, monitor work in real-time, aid students directly or through automated recommendations, and submit grades. Via pre-assigned workspaces, Jolt empowers students to connect with their peers, collaborate on group assignments, request one-on-one assistance, and submit assignments either in class or remotely from home.

Specifically tailored for teachers and students, Jolt is on a mission to be the most intuitive and comprehensive schoolwork application in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from one-to-many or many-to-one.


Inviting, Intuitive


Content Creation


Connected Student Workspaces

Why Jolt?

Because. . . Jolt is a one-stop-shop for everything schoolwork:

  1. Increase student engagement through connected learning
  2. Enhance the value of student groupwork
  3. Centralize all classwork in one app
  4. Seamlessly transition to a paper-less curriculum;
  5. Share lessons and activities with other teachers (among others).

With specially-developed features like version history, teachers can observe
student thought-processes and customize the most efficient instruction and